Don’t Sell it Store it in Self-Storage

How to Save Space While You Store
July 20, 2022
Advantages of Using Self-Storage Units
August 23, 2022
How to Save Space While You Store
July 20, 2022
Advantages of Using Self-Storage Units
August 23, 2022
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Clearing your space will give you a feel-good feeling about your environment. If you are not prepared to give away or sell your stuff, self-storage units are the answer!

Why Clearing Your Surroundings Helps Clear Your Mind

Clearing out personal items will help you feel better about yourself. Go one step further and donate your unwanted items to a grateful cause. Enjoy the feel-good endorphins when doing something good for someone in need.

Celebrate Christmas early this year by selling your unwanted stuff, perhaps to antique dealers or second-hand furniture stores. Whatever decision you make, decluttering is a great way to clear your space and refresh the mind.

Are You Undecided About Your Extra Items?

If you are not ready to sell or donate your items, then self-storage could be the perfect solution. We offer storage rentals that are affordable and won’t trap you in a long contract. As a reliable storage provider, we can also provide packing materials and even pack for you, if you wish.

6 Reasons Self-Storage is a Popular Option

Self-storage is fast becoming a real alternative to free up space. For individuals reluctant to part with their belonging, self-storage is an actual solution.

There is no risk of damage, so you can keep your belongings safe while living clutter-free. Here are 6 reasons why using storage space may be a good solution for you:

1. Staging Your Home for Show Days

Setting the stage when selling a home could get you the price you ask for. The process should start with decluttering using self-storage. You can achieve that neat, uncluttered look without the extra expense.

Choose a long-term or short-term solution for staging your home. Storing excess furniture items during and after the sale of your home is a great idea, too. Let us deliver your storage unit to your new address when you are ready to move in.

2. Self-Storage is Great for Moving Homes

When your moving dates differ, you don’t want to find yourself without a roof or with all your stuff on the sidewalk. Staying with friends or family might be a solution for you, but it is not a solution for your stuff!

Self-storage is a brilliant option for storing extra stuff until your moving date arrives. Get your stored goods delivered to your new home without fuss. Our rental agreements are month-to-month, so you can use the storage space only for as long as you need it.

3. You Can Keep Your Stuff When Renting Fully Furnished

There is no need to get rid of everything if you find a fully furnished home or apartment. You never know when you might need your stuff.

Store furniture items and other essential items in a self-storage facility. At Easy Store, you can choose from a range of sizes to fit your individual needs.

4. Self-Storage is Ideal When Downsizing Your Home

Downsizing is a great option when looking for smart ways to free up cash. This especially applies to those who lost jobs during the pandemic. Running a large home is expensive and often not practical.

Going smaller is an authentic way to make your lifestyle easier. The challenge is finding furniture storage. There might be a time when you decide to up size. This is where safe storage is invaluable.

5. Self-Storage is a Great Option for Decluttering Your Space

Going the minimalistic route is the latest trend. Less is more in your living and workspace. A thorough spring clean might not do enough to do a proper decluttering of your space.

Decluttering one category at a time is more effective than decluttering room by room.

Separate items for storage while you declutter, for that minimalistic look. Especially if you are reluctant to sell your things. Putting items into storage is a great option for seldom-used items you want to keep, but not in your space.

6. Storing Seasonal Clothes in Self-Storage Frees Up Cupboard Space

When the weather warms up, our clothes become lighter. We find we have a surplus of coats, jackets, boots, and other heavy items. The simplest solution is to rent self-storage units. Find one that suits you best

Make space for the new season by storing excess clothing. Find out from your self-storage service which one is best for your needs.

The Self-Storage Industry Offers Solutions for Extra Stuff

Do you have furniture and other items you love but have little space for? Storage companies know that customers need to rent long- and short-term. You can always sell your items if you change your mind!

Storing stuff you simply cannot part with in self-storage is a brilliant solution, even if it’s a temporary one.

Easy Store Offers Storage Solutions for Things You Want to Keep

Easy Store offers you self-storage facility solutions that are both flexible and cost-effective. Self-storage owners can choose from a range of unit sizes. Find the perfect unit and find excess storage space for items you want to keep.

Storage costs are much lower than the cost of renting a larger apartment, home, or office. Free up essential space by renting bargain storage today.

Self-storage customers will wonder why they did not choose this option before. We offer the simplest solution for all storage challenges. Don’t sell it store it in self-storage units instead.