Ditch Expensive Warehouses: Choose Storage Units Instead

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September 12, 2019
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October 3, 2019

Ditch Expensive Warehouses: Choose Storage Units Instead. What matters in a business is the bottom line and not how large a warehouse you have to impress your clients. Business storage need not cost the earth; therefore, if a storage unit can do the trick, this is the smart way moving forward.

It is unnecessary to hire large unused warehouse space to store products and office equipment. Think about how much you need to store, and if a mini storage unit can handle it, that’s your best bet. 

Most businesses require some form of storage, whether for excess office furniture and equipment, office materials, archived files and documents or stock. 

Given exorbitant rental costs for business properties, it makes sense to make full use of the office space you already have and the best way to free up extra space is by choosing business units by outsourcing outside storage. 

Your business storage will assist with the storage of: 

  • Raw materials and inventory; the biggest advantage of self-storage units is that you can rent units for a short space of time or choose to rent the units for longer periods. This is an excellent choice for businesses that carry varying amounts of stock as high and low seasons for retail fluctuate 
  • Because most self-storage units vary in size and shape, your business can rent the amount of space they need or want 
  • Most storage units are easily accessible – choose self-storage units that will come to you for ease of access 
  • Store any excess furniture, equipment stationery and office supplies in your self-storage unit – this  
  • Don’t ditch the spare computers, printers etc – store these for a rainy day 
  • When using self-storage units for your business, you will be able to access your items whenever you want  

Ditch the expensive warehouse and use self-storage units for your business storage instead.