Decluttering an Awkward Space Underneath the Stairs in 6 Steps

Extra Items & Your Short-term Rental
July 11, 2019
August 1, 2019
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Decluttering is a wonderful way to make space for that home office you have been threatening to create underneath your stairs. The pressing question is – where do you put that extra stepladder, baby pram, cot, vacuum cleaner and all the other items so neatly tucked away out of sight? You don’t really want to get rid of them as they are bound to come in handy at a later stage, yet you hardly have enough room in your home for the stuff you use every day. 

The answer to decluttering your world and what to do with items you are not ready to get rid of is simple – the solution is self-storage. Yes – you heard right. Self-storage units, whether you use these facilities in the long or short-term will prove to be invaluable. 

Six simple steps towards decluttering that awkward space underneath the stairs 

  • First things first – evaluate each item and decide whether you should store this item for later use or not and because there is only so much storage space in a house – if it starts to feel cramped and cluttered then it is time to re-evaluate what is important enough to keep 
    • Certain items one stores will come in handy time and again – a pretty good example of this would be your cake tins for baking birthday cakes or Christmas decorations that come out once a year 
    • Some stored items, for example, are simply decisions that have not been made. For example, that sporting equipment that you are keeping for “in case” or those baby clothes and items that are being put aside should your children have their own one day 
    • Postponed decisions are usually junk that you don’t want to admit is junk – now is the time to throw out what you don’t need 
    • If you have not used or worn an item of clothing in at least a year, the chances are strong you wont ever be needing the item again 
  • The more you declutter the easier it will be to throw items out but those you really would like to keep long-term could find a temporary home in self-storage to free up some valuable space 

You will be able to utilise that awkward space under your stairs and convert it into a neat, cosy corner once you have made the above decisions, freeing you up of all those guilty items that you have held onto for so long. No more obdurate space, just a cosy little corner office to work from.