The Top Most Effective Way to Declutter Using Containers and Storage

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July 23, 2021
Storage Bin and Boxes Declutter Ideas
October 5, 2021
How to Clear Space for Your Home Office in 9 Steps
July 23, 2021
Storage Bin and Boxes Declutter Ideas
October 5, 2021
how to declutter with containers and storage

The secret to effective decluttering lies in being organised. Here’s how using containers and your own personal self-storage unit can help with clutter.

How Can My Storage Help Me with My Clutter?

A self-storage unit at a secure storage facility is the single most important tool for decluttering your world! Once your clutter is sorted into containers, you will be able to store the things you want to keep in a safe, dry place. A self-storage unit is a cost effective way to store items you want to keep while clearing space in your home.

Where to Start When Decluttering

Anyone looking to declutter will need to be organised and efficient for the decluttering project to be successful. It is difficult to successfully declutter without putting a plan in place to tackle a large decluttering project. Not having a plan could lead to more clutter. This is the last thing you want.

You can start by gathering a couple of black bags or containers such as storage boxes for a successful decluttering exercise. These containers will help you to clear out your space. At the same time, it will assist with deciding where you would like your items to end up.

Use Containers to Sort Out Clutter

You will save time and effort when using containers such as storage bags, plastic baskets, or storage boxes. You won’t have to run from room to room, back and forth, as you sort out your items. Your clutter will also be organised into categories that help you process what happens to it next. When you’ve got bags and containers ready, it’s time to flex those decluttering muscles and get started!

Tackle Your Clutter Problem One Room at a Time

Tackle your clutter problem one room at a time and take the below containers or storage bins with. Use a basket for items in different categories during the decluttering process. You can sort everything from craft supplies to seasonal items and the medicine cabinet using the below categories. Each category of item has a clear destination to help you sort through each room.

5 Categories of Container to Use When Decluttering

Many make the mistake of trying to sort items by their uses, such as office supplies, holiday décor, kitchen items, seasonal clothing, and unnecessary pieces of furniture. This could lead to a long list of cardboard boxes and can make the decluttering project too daunting to complete. Instead, start by sorting things into just 5 categories, with a container or containers for each category.

You can always go back and sort the things you are keeping into further categories, but starting this way helps compartmentalise the biggest offenders to make the task easier to take on. Before you know it, you can be rid of visual clutter and the resulting mental clutter for good.

1. Repair Container

Place anything that is broken, chipped, or not completed into your fix and repair container. Broken items gather dirt and dust in your living space. You will need to fix these or throw them out.

Ensure the container is placed in a spot where they are not forgotten. Once your decluttering project is completed, you can tackle this container and fix the things inside. Only place broken items in here if you are planning to fix them. Otherwise, they can go into the throw away box.

2. Put Away Container

If you are not in the habit of putting things away when you use them, this container is a great starting point. Put anything that has lost its way and needs to be put back in its place into this container. These could include photo albums, books, sticky tape, pens, cups, mugs, the coffee machine, shoes, jumpers…the list is endless.

3. Recycling Container

If you don’t habitually sort your plastic, paper, and glass, this is a great place to start. Not everything you throw out is trash. Many view trash as treasure. Recycled goods can be turned into money.

You can place items made of recyclable materials into your recycling container. Your recycling efforts will assist in saving the environment. Ensure your uncontaminated plastic, glass, and paper finds a new home.

4. Trash Container

Use a black dustbin bag for trash. Items that make their way to this bin include things that you cannot fix and non-recyclable rubbish. Throw away any chipped cups and plates, plant waste, tissues, expired food, and old cosmetics.

Any food wrappers, food in the refrigerator that has gone old, and expired cleaning products an also go into the trash container. Do not throw away usable items that could be donated instead such as old pieces of furniture or clothing.

5. Donate Container

If you no longer wear or use an item and it is still in good condition, someone else could make use of it. You can fill the container with miscellaneous items that you haven’t used in a year or more. Drop the container off at your local charity when you are done sorting and decluttering your space.

You could write donations off for tax purposes. These often include larger items such as electrical appliances, electronics, patio furniture, and more. Common items we often throw out include clothes, unused household appliances, and furniture. The list also includes electronics, toys, household items, and books.

Throw Out Unwanted Items

Many struggle to declutter because they cannot let go of items they no longer use. Hesitating about throwing away an item boils down to one fact: the chances are you no longer need the item. Chances are, this is the reasons why you have clutter in the first place.

Clutter, simply put, is an excess of stuff not used or stored correctly. It’s time to stop being clutter magnets and admit when we need to let go of things. Typically, you can be sure that if you haven’t used an item in a few years, you don’t need it. Holiday decorations can be an exception.

Find a New Nome for Sentimental Items

If you are not ready to part with some of your items but need to store them in a dry, safe place, we recommend our self-storage units. Although many of your items can be recycled and donated, there will be some that might hold value. Contact us today and find a home away from home with our affordable, secure self-storage units!