Declutter in a New Decade & Get Smart by Getting Self Storage

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March 8, 2020
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March 15, 2020
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You might ask yourself this question – where does all the stuff come from that is cluttering up your world? For many of us raising a couple of kids, taking up hobbies (then ditching these when we become bored), saying goodbye to loved ones, kids growing up and moving out, packing up the homes of parents that have passed on – the list is endless and as the list grows, so do the things gather in and around our homes. It is common for us to hold onto those report cards, birthday greetings, wrapping paper, photos, odd bits of crockery and cutlery and myriad other bits and pieces that simply find their way into our hearts and our homes. 

Decluttering will free you up to do the things in life that you love; things that are not invested in material items such as family, friends, love and other important things. 

The secret to decluttering is not about getting rid of everything. If it is something closely attached to your heartstrings and makes you happy the answer to this one is obvious; if it makes you happy, hold onto it as memories are part of who we are. 

2020 has heralded a new decade and a new year is a perfect time to get rid of all those things lying around the house or office. Do you have little bits of ribbon, paper and cards from the holiday season? If you don’t have a designated space specifically for ribbon and bits of wrapping paper, it is time to get ruthless! 

These tips could help you get started – this is usually the toughest part when decluttering: 

  • When decluttering start with a single room – perhaps the one where you spend most of your time would be a great starting point as you will see how you progress as you go along  
  • These are the four categories that you need to focus on – things you are going to keep, things that you are going to sell, items to donate and then the last one – throw anything you cannot donate or give away in the trash. Charity shops are happy to accept used items you no longer use – Hospice shops, the SPCA and others are grateful and willing to accept almost anything 
  • Recycle absolutely everything – paper, old magazines, gift wrap, plastic, glass and tin – pop these in the bins outside schools and charity shops as these institutions can make money from your trash, and you will free up space in your environment 
  • All like items should be grouped – keep books in the bookshelf, paperwork and your laptop and stationery in one spot; pots, pans and utensils near the stove, and so on 
  • You don’t need to spend entire days cleaning and decluttering – did you know that as little as ten minutes every day will make a huge dent in junk? You could include it in your daily routine – just before bedtime is a great time to do this as it will give you a new incentive to start on a new day when you wake up 

Self Storage Units

Sports goods that you don’t use during the year and are seasonal can find a home in self-storage. Items you would like your children to inherit or pieces that are too large for your home yet still hold great sentimental value will be kept safe and dry under lock and key in self-storage units. The great thing about Easy Store is that the storage unit is brought to you (no transport needed), can be packed for you or you can select to do this yourself, then taken to a warehouse facility where your goods will be kept in a safe environment until you need them. 

New year, new decade, new beginnings – decluttering is a brilliant way to start afresh.