How to Cut Costs by Going the Mobile Office Route

 Accumulating Personal Assets Is What We Do
April 29, 2022
Why Use Self-Storage When Looking for Your Dream Home?
May 19, 2022
 Accumulating Personal Assets Is What We Do
April 29, 2022
Why Use Self-Storage When Looking for Your Dream Home?
May 19, 2022

Once you have worked from your home, you will see an improvement in cash flow. Going the mobile office route is a smart way to save money. But is this the way you want to run your business permanently?

Using self-storage units will give you time to decide. It gives you the flexibility to make smart decisions without the pressure. Hold on to your expensive office equipment until you make a permanent move.

Smart Ways to Save Money by Going Mobile

It’s time to get rid of landlords. Forever! Going mobile will give you the flexibility and will put money in the bank. Renting an office costs money. Property rates are climbing, and rentals are escalating at an alarming rate.

  • Renting space for storage is an expense small and medium-sized businesses can ditch. Business owners will save money by renting self-storage units for their office furniture.
  • You only pay for what you use when it comes to portable storage containers and temporary storage solutions like the ones we offer at Easy Store.
  • Business owners can rent our mobile storage units on a month-on-month basis.
  • Self-storage is flexible enough to downsize and upscale as and when needed.

Renting more office space is expensive. It also locks you into long leases. A secure facility where you can store goods in mobile storage containers until you need them again is a much more cost-effective solution.

7 Advantage of Using Easy Store’s Flexible Storage Options

Flexibility is key during times of uncertainty. In an unstable economy, this is especially important.

  1. One of the advantages a business owner has with our self-storage is no admin fees involved.
  2. You can simply find the best size of storage space for your individual needs. We have a unit for every size requirement.
  3. Storage fees depend on what you need, but they are competitive and affordable.
  4. We offer top-notch service and a free quotation.
  5. Mobile self-storage gives you extra space. Get more room for your stuff in a secure storage unit. You can get additional storage at any time.
  6. Our Easy Store team is ready to help find storage solutions just for you. Plus, we remove any transportation hassles you could face.
  7. We bring the units to you. Our mobile self-storage is a money-saving option when you are short of residential storage.

What’s the #1 Reason Business Owners Keep Essential Equipment

The economy in South Africa could turn, and businesses might decide to go back to renting space. You might find you prefer working in a mobile environment. Whatever decision you make later on, holding onto essential equipment is advisable.

Office equipment costs could add up. It’s the little things that often cost the most. South Africans are using self-storage units for a variety of reasons.

By renting a mobile unit from storage companies, you could save a small fortune. You can cut business costs. If you run a mobile business, you don’t need the added expense of running an office.

How to Cut Corners with a Successful Mobile Business

The businesses that make up most of the self-storage customers vary. We offer a wide range of storage units. Store your office furniture, stock items, and more. Wave goodbye to formal bricks and mortar storerooms.

  • Find a mobile solution and tackle the equipment hassle of storage forever. Operating your business from your home office will save you money. One big saving is cutting out the extra business insurance costs.
  • You need to inform your insurance service provider when running a business from home. Ordinary household insurance might not cover business losses.
  • Business owners will find they save on extra utilities and staff members.
  • The best part is you don’t need to make any arrangements for transport. Easy Store delivers mobile units to your door for packing. Once you have packed your unit, we return the self-storage unit to our warehouse.

Here Are Perfect Examples of Things Stored in Our Units

Small businesses operating out-of-home office often find they are short of space. This usually happens with stock arrivals. Industrial businesses experience similar challenges. The advantage is you can rent for any period of time that suits you.

We help keep your documents safe in our units. Your storage locker will depend on what you need to use it for. Business storage varies from one industry to the next.

For convenience – get storage units for as long or as short as you wish. Find that extra storage space today! No need to fuss about storage locations. We come to you at no additional transport costs.

Find Out Everything About Our Mobile Self-Storage Company

Get a free quote today and find out about a month-on-month rental. We give you cost breakdowns according to your storage needs.

We are about more than finding the cheapest transportation and self-storage rate. We offer business owners a secure storage depot.

Is now the time to go mobile or run your business from your home? The self-storage industry has solutions tailor-made for your needs.

We have come a long way from storing seasonal items only. Mobile self-storage is a clever option. We rent out storage containers for many business operations.

Thinking of Using Mobile Storage Systems?

Before you say goodbye to the carbon paper, rubber stamps, and fax machine, think it through. Before you donate and sell off your office equipment, store your items. A commercial storage unit gives you time to think it through.

Store your office equipment when going mobile in one of our secure units. This will buy you time while deciding where you would like to take your business. Contact our customer service team and find out about extra space.