Changes in the Self-Storage Industry Since COVID-19 Hit

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March 17, 2021
6 Reasons Why Storage is Trending Right Now
6 Reasons Why Self-Storage is Trending Right Now
March 17, 2021
Changes in the Self-Storage Industry Since COVID-19 Hit

Storage is shedding the spotlight on today’s world. As the world changes, our lives and businesses take on a new landscape, with self-storage becoming a necessity. 

COVID-19 has affected all segments of the self-storage industry. These are turbulent times. The crisis is affecting everyone.  

From tenants to owners, business people, and the ordinary man on the street; the pandemic has caused plenty of upheavals. This is thanks to two national lockdowns, travel restrictions, and businesses closing their doors. We are all asking the same questions and wondering where we will be in the future.  

Self-storage is your soft place to fall, an interim solution for storage when the future is uncertain. It has affected the property market and retail sectors. Now, more than ever, self-storage is making an enormous difference. It is shedding a spotlight on today’s world 

How Has the COVID-19 Pandemic Affected Self-Storage in South Africa? 

People need self-storage now more than ever. 32% of self-storage users are moving home. Self-storage facilities are convenient during a move. They take the strain off you and solve the problem of where one should store excess items.  

During the first national lockdown, the need for self-storage was less. Self-storage facilities picked up momentum as the lockdown eased off. This is when the housing market started coming to life. Many who had been unable to move during level 5 of lockdown got more active as restrictions eased. 

After a pause of almost three months, the housing market has picked up. Pushing the pause button on the housing industry has taken its toll. The economic situation has also affected finances. Many homeowners are looking at downsizing and moving to more affordable homes.  

They are also looking at options such as moving out of the city to more cost-effective areas. With the loss of jobs and finances being tight, many are looking at ways to stretch their money. Falling house prices have made this period attractive to buyers. This will not affect storage units–it could make it an attractive alternative. 

How Can My Small Business Benefit from Self-Storage? 

Did you know that over 50% of small businesses that use self-storage units have 10 staff members and less? A self-storage unit is a flexible option. It plays into a digital economy.  

Ecommerce businesses are gaining momentum. This is especially the trend during the lockdown of the world during the pandemic. Businesses are operating remotely as health concerns become more worrying. We are seeing more businesses run from homes and coffee shops than ever before. 

Why are Retailers Using Self Storage More Often? 

Retailers are buying in bulk during the lockdown to ensure prices don’t fluctuate. The issue here is if they are buying in bulk, where would they store these excess goodsSelf-storage is the obvious solution. This is especially valuable during Black Friday, Christmas, and other highdemand holidays. 

As supply and demand increases, pharmaceutical companies and other businesses need more storage. This is because of their online businesses flourishing thanks to the migration to online that began during the level 5 lockdown of 2020 

Eating out is now something we do with great trepidation. Eating in has become the norm during the pandemic. Many supermarkets are seeing a higher demand for products. And thus, higher demand for storage space. 

Businesses Downsize and Go Online 

Many businesses are giving up their spacious commercial spaces. Vast spaces are becoming useless. This is because more companies are taking their businesses online. Working from home is no longer an exception but a part of our new normal. We find downsizing has left many businesses with excess furniture as their doors close. 

Companies are adapting well to working online since the pandemic began. South Africa still has a long way to go. Working online is trending and is more than likely here to stay. If not for the foreseeable future, it could be indefinite. 

Now is Not the Time to Worry – We’ve Got Your Back 

2020 and 2021 have been rocky roads to travel. Easy Store is making a difference to ensure we give any excess items a temporary home. This could be a long-term storage solution or a short-term resolution. The ball is in your court.  

There are many incentives to find smarter office solutions and to move home. 
Self-storage units offer modern, options. There is no better place to store your belongings while transitioning from one space to the next. 

Easy Store Making a Difference 

You call, we deliver, pack, and take the unit back to our state-of-the-art warehouse. We are here to assistwhether you prefer to pack your unit yourself or allow our supervised team to pack for you. You keep the key which is a secure option. There is no need to look for a removal company. We bring the unit to your door, and once packed, we take the unit to our warehouse.