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    It is time for business owners to think out of the box. Tick all those storage challenges off your list so that you can tick all the necessary boxes. As far as your business space and storage is concerned, at Easy Store we offer you and your business the perfect solution with a range of small business storage units.

    It is time to rethink your precious office floor space; driving up your overheads by keeping equipment you no longer use or storing unused and unsold stock drives up overheads, plus unsold stock equals money that you could put to good use.

    Easy Store’s business storage units offer you and your small to medium business numerous storage solutions with state-of-the-art round-the-clock security, ensuring that whatever is stored is safe, dry, secure and in excellent condition.

    Using Easy Store’s Business Storage Units Will Assist With:

    • Stock is easily accessible. Put cash into your pocket as everything will be at your fingertips
    • Our business storage units will ensure that you will always know where your stock is, and nothing will get lost or stolen plus you will have an excellent handle on your inventory
    • Clearing floor space will reduce business rentals, free up space and keep your environment clutter-free to ensure all surfaces are sanitised and virus- and germ-free

    Benefits of Using Easy Store’s Business Services

    • It is a convenient option – we come to you with a storage container, and not the other way around. We pack your container under supervision or if you prefer, you can pack the container yourself
    • Once the container is packed, we will transport it safely to our secure, state-of-the-art warehouse for safekeeping
    • Arrange to collect or add items to your business storage unit at convenient times
    • Rent your business storage unit for long- or short-term periods – the choice is yours to make
    • Your items are safe as only you get to keep your lock and key to your storage unit
    • The convenience of not being locked into unpleasant contracts is convenient and perfect if you need to cancel at short notice
    • We tailor your storage needs to suit your individual needs
    • There is no deposit, no lease agreement and there are no debit orders

    The Easy Store Personal Storage Difference

    Retailers need plenty of space, as do hairdressing salons, restaurants, little mom and pop shops, hardware stores, plumbers, electricians, not to mention the numerous other small to medium enterprises. All manufacturers need a place to store their raw materials and equipment, too. To replace these would be a costly exercise, therefore the need for a safe and secure storage facility cannot be stressed enough. Free up space with self-storage business units and make a difference to the way you run your business daily.

    Unlike the usual warehouse space that could prove to be a costly exercise and lock you into a lengthy lease, you can rent your business storage units for as short or for as long as you need to store your excess items. This is a great solution for small to medium enterprises that have a surplus of stock at certain times during the year but don’t have excessive amounts of inventory right throughout the year. Explore the convenience of Personal Storage today.

    Why Choose Business Storage Units for Rent

    • Store all your excess supplies, equipment and office furniture – because all businesses need extra room for office supplies for their all-in-one photocopy machines, faxes and printers (paper and cartridges are the common items used), it is convenient to rent a business storage unit to store these and other items
    • Most businesses have too much stuff – we refer to coffee machines, fridges, computers, monitors, keyboards, cartridges, chairs, desks – these all need a home if you don’t sell these or give them away
    • Staff members come and go all with it the addition or subtraction of office equipment. Storage solutions will take care of office “churn”. It is always a smart move to keep spare furniture for a rainy day should your team expand or should something need replacing
    • Business storage units are great for that” in case” easy access when something needs to be taken out and the rest of your items left behind
    • Lawyers, accountants and real estate companies are notorious for having excess information, papers, files and more. Many companies need to keep documents for a couple of years, especially for income tax purposes. Keeping these in the office can take up far too much space. Easy Store’s business storage units come to the rescue and take care of the problem
    • Business storage units are not only convenient – they offer a haven for essential and important documents and in doing so they free up space in the office or business, plus they reduce the risk of germs, pests, viruses and the collection of dirt

    Storing your business items has never been easier. Easy Store assists with Business Storage Services offering solutions whether you are in-between offices and business spaces, relocating, downsizing, or simply wanting to declutter.

    Welcome to Easy Store – the easiest and best way to store your business items.