All You Need to Know About Self Storage in South Africa

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May 14, 2021
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How Self-Storage Can Help When Organising and Decluttering
May 14, 2021
comfortable home office
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June 23, 2021
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Your Guide to Self-Storage in South Africa

You should only be paying for the amount of self-storage space you need. Hiring a storage unit that is too small or too big just won’t cut it. Why pay for something you don’t use?

You can speak directly to us to find out what unit size you need. We can tell you everything you need to know about hiring self-storage units in South Africa and help you assess your storage requirements. Where can you get portable self-storage units for only R626 a month? The self-storage industry might be a competitive market, but we have you covered!

Don’t Forget Insurance Cover for Your Self-Storage Unit

Do I need insurance for items in my self-storage unit? This is a question commonly asked by people storing their items in self-storage. And the answer is yes.

All the items that are kept in storage at self-storage facilities are your responsibility even though they aren’t on your property. It is a good idea to include insurance for stored goods when working out your budget. This will ensure you have enough to cover for any eventualities.

You can ask your broker about covering your items under the all-risks section of your insurance policy schedule. If you don’t have cover, you can use an online insurance aggregator to find the best options. It is vital to stipulate the address to your insurers of where your secure self-storage unit is located.

How Are We Making a World of Difference in Storage? See for Yourself.

  1. At Easy Store, we make storing your items easy.
  2. You don’t need to find a moving company. Instead, we come to you with your unit.
  3. We pack the unit for you. Or you pack your own unit. Once your unit is ready for storage, we will collect the unit.
  4. The fully packed storage unit is ready to be taken to our high-tech warehouse. Here your items will be kept safely under lock and key.

7 Tips to Make Packing Your Mobile Self-Storage Units Easier

  1. Make your storage experience stress-free by putting a plan of action in place.
  2. Pack all your light and non-essential items first. These are your books, ornaments, clothing, sporting equipment, and toys. This will make packing your furniture items and other larger items a lot easier.
  3. Invest in good containers to pack your items. This will make a world of difference in keeping your items safe.
  4. Don’t label your containers only on one side. Label your boxes and containers on all sides.
  5. It is a smart idea to keep a list of the contents of the containers in a separate location. This will allow for easy access.
  6. You should pack heavy items in small boxes. This is a good hint for lifting and carrying heavy items. Never overfill or under-fill your boxes. Overfilled boxes will tear or bulge and are difficult to stack. When you under-fill boxes, they will collapse. Under-filled boxes will collapse when stacked.
  7. Ask Easy Store about the right packing equipment to get started. You could also ask us to pack your unit for you.

8 Tips to Packing Delicate Items So They Don’t Break

  1. Wrap each delicate item separately. Bubble wrap is a great invention. Use cloth or bubble wrap for each item.
  2. Use special plate boxes to protect plates from breakage.
  3. Ensure you mark all boxes with breakable items as “fragile”.
  4. Boxes with breakables should be stacked separately.
  5. Never pack other boxes on top of boxes containing delicate breakable items.
  6. Use the drawers of furniture to store small items. These need to be wrapped in bubble wrap or tissue paper for protection.
  7. Use ink-free paper when wrapping items such as pictures or mirrors. The ink from the newspaper has a tendency to stain items with time. This is hard to remove afterwards.
  8. Never store pictures or mirrors lying flat. Instead, place them vertically as if they were still hanging on a wall to avoid damage and breakage.

How to Keep Your Storage Safe and Legal – Don’t Do These Things

Use common sense for storing items that are prohibited or dangerous. Government restrictions will determine what is permitted to be stored in your storage unit and at the storage facilities you choose. South Africa’s laws prohibit these things:

  • Explosives, weapons and ammunition are prohibited.
  • Chemicals and radioactive goods should never be stored in a storage unit.
  • The same goes for flammable materials and liquids.
  • Don’t place gas canisters and aerosol can in your storage unit either.
  • Contaminated goods and other materials that are potentially dangerous should not be stored in your unit.
  • Pollutants, contaminated goods, asbestos or other materials of a potentially dangerous nature.
  • Never store scented or gel candles in your unit. Gel candles have a tendency to explode.
  • Dried food items such as pet food, birdseed and rice should not be placed in your storage unit.
  • Empty all fuel tanks from lawnmowers and generators should be emptied before storing in a unit.
  • Clean your barbeque thoroughly. A dirty appliance will attract unwelcome pests into your unit.

Free Up Space by Booking Your Self Storage Unit in South Africa Today!

We are making a difference to South Africans from all walks of life with our easy storage solutions. The pandemic has taken its toll on businesses and the lives of individuals. Everyone has had to look at how they do things differently.

Businesses have closed their doors. Working remotely is the norm. The result is extra furniture, more stuff to store, and freeing up spaces to make room for home offices. Don’t worry, we are here to help!

Call us now or send us a message. Talk to us to find out which unit is right for you and get the perfect solution along with true peace of mind!