Everything You Need to Know About Affordable Student Self Storage in Johannesburg

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January 18, 2022
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February 12, 2022

Is a Storage Unit a Good Solution When I am Moving About?

Are you a student and always on the move? Are you unsure of where to keep all your books, clothes, and sports equipment? Students often face this dilemma when changing schools or when visiting home during the summer holidays.

Affordable storage solutions have been around for decades. They have been helping students from all walks of life. If you are a student renting a self-storage unit for the first time, this is what you should know and how it works.

An affordable storage space for students is a brilliant option for storing everything, from textbooks to notes. Find a storage facility when you are between spaces.

What Essentials Must I Take When Moving into Digs or Res?

As students, we bring everything with us to res or digs. It might surprise you to learn how little you actually need. The smart way to tackle this is to make a thorough list of everything you might need.

Are you tempted to pack everything and the kitchen sink? Get smart and pack only what you need. Choose an affordable storage space that is flexible and offers easy access.

  1. A clothes horse is excellent for washing and drying clothes. This will save you from using communal clothes lines.
  2. You will need a kettle and a toaster in your room. Even if you have an efficient canteen for meals, nothing beats having friends for a cup of tea.
  3. Pack a stash of toilet rolls. This will quash any arguments over who finishes the roll and who should buy the next batch.
  4. A bicycle to get to and from university and for exercise is a great option.
  5. Your sentimental stuff like photos will take the edge off homesickness.
  6. A small first aid kit is a must. Ensure you have plasters, headache tablets, and disinfectant included in your emergency kit. Keep hydrated when hiking or catching a stomach virus is important. Including hydration sachets is a simple solution.
  7. Textbooks and stationary form an integral part of the life of a student. Be sure to mark yours clearly to avoid any confusion.
  8. Keep copies of your essential documents on file in hard copy format, and in the cloud. Your next of kin need to have duplicates of everything. This should include high school graduation certificates and copies of your license and ID.
  9. Leave bulky electronic equipment behind. Either sell these or store them away in affordable individual units.

Take an Excellent Variety of Clothes with You to Uni.

Store all your seasonal items in student self storage units. You won’t need heavy boots and thick jackets during the hot summer months. Seasonal sports goods like ski jackets etc take up too much room. Student housing usually only has a small sized space to pack your goods.

  • Mix and match options should be one of your smarter student storage hacks. Put all your combinations your outfit combinations on your bed. Pack only what works.
  • Shrink wrap the rest for storage to keep your clothes in optimal condition.
  • The same rule applies to toiletries. Only pack the essentials you will use and need.

There’s No Place Like Home. Here’s How to Beat the Blues.

Make your surroundings comfortable and homely to beat the homesick blues. Invest in throws, candles, and some pot plants to make your place feel like home.

  • Too many things will make your place cluttered and untidy.
  • Store excess items in your lockup storage.
  • Bring photos of your beloved pets and family with you. Favourite photos will make you feel right at home.
  • A wall collage won’t take up any extra space.

6 Important Questions to Ask About Storage in 2022

Are you thinking of renting a student storage unit? We are here to answer your questions for you.

1. I am a student and don’t have transport to get my things to the storage unit. Will I need a removal truck or van?

Absolutely not! The best part about the service we offer is that we bring the unit right to your door. We can also pack the unit for you! It is part of our excellent service on offer.

2. Do I need to pay a deposit to rent my student storage unit?

There are no deposits required. We charge a month on month fee, and do not do debit orders.

3. Will I have to sign a lease or agreement to rent my student storage unit?

There are no leases and no contracts locking you into lengthy periods. This is a flexible, easy option where you can store any excess items.

4. What about security? How safe will my things be when in storage?

Our warehouse has 24/7 security. Only you keep the lock and no-one else.

5. Can I Get Access to My Items Any Time?

You will need to call us ahead so that we can prepare your unit access for you.

6. Am I liable for any other expenses? I don’t want to get any unpleasant surprises.

There are no extra costs involved. Plus, you can extend or end your storage anytime you wish. This makes it a flexible option perfect for students.

Find Out Everything About Storage for Students in 2022 at EasyStore.

Find out everything about student storage in 2022. If you are going to university for the first time, you will soon discover you need somewhere to store all your things. Student self storage units will make this transition period a lot easier. Find out more today how you can make your new student accommodation neat and clutter-free.

Our wide range of options are affordable and flexible. We have solutions for students that will keep your belongings safe while you reach for your dreams.