9 Ways to Make Your Home Office More Comfortable

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comfortable home office

What if you could work from anywhere in the world and still put in proper work hours while enjoying the flexibility and the freedom you’ve always dreamed of? You can kill two birds with one stone by working from a comfortable home office. Self-storage units offer a quick fix and flexible solution when clearing your space.

9 Steps to a More Comfortable Home Office

1. The #1 Intelligent Answer to Decluttering Your Office is Purging Paper.

If you find getting rid of papers difficult to do, it is time to take control of the clutter. Before you know it, the paper could take over your space. Store important files and documents in a self-storage unit. This will free up space for your home office.

Confidential files stored off-site will ensure you keep them safe under lock and key. You can sift through every piece of paper in your office using these 3 easy steps:

  1. Shredding and tossing.
  2. File it or action it.
  3. Use colour-coding for filing.

2. Organise Your Home Office Using Labelled Files.

All your papers need a home. This also applies to the piles of bills and mail we seem to hold on to. You can get everything under control by creating a mail organiser.

Make files for all your mail. This includes outgoing mail and incoming mail. It also includes bills. Next, make a file for each member of the family. Finally, choose a file folder or a box to store your file folders.

3. Colour Coding is Great for Separating Files.

A well-organised filing system shows a functional office space. Add a pop of colour to your surroundings with this handy office idea! Organise your space by separating the filing system into five colour-coded categories, then label each folder accordingly.

4. You Can Achieve Pure Bliss in a Tidy Environment.

Concealing all those untidy cables and wires is a great way to achieve a tidy office space. You can use an inexpensive cable tidy to help you make this happen.

5. Make a Difference With a Clean and Tidy Desk.

You can store pens, pencils, and office stationery in a desktop organiser instead of allowing them to clutter your desk. Cut the clutter and find a home for everything. Choose self-storage for larger items that take up space.

6. Use Containers to Store Just About Anything and Free Up Office Space.

Store all your office supplies in containers. You can also store all those small bits in drawers, baskets, and bins. Hiding everything out of sight will give your office a decluttered look.

7. Ergonomics Matter In a Work-From-Home Setup.

Beyond the clutter, there are other factors to consider with a work-from-home setup, too. The secret of a comfortable setting is in the type of chair you use. Ensure your office chair is comfy and the right height. Desk chairs can change the look of your space and influence your productivity.

If you do not have a lot of natural light in the room, consider adding desk lamps. Too much office equipment can also affect the aesthetic of your workspace. If you don’t have enough room anymore, consider moving some of the non-essential items to a personal storage unit.

Put things you use closeby, at your fingertips. For an ultimate refresher, you can add office plants to your space. They will add a touch of colour and a natural element that will help make the space more pleasant.

8. Make Small Changes for Better Efficiency.

The top of your laptop screen should be slightly below eye level to mitigate neck pain and headaches. You can adjust your brightness levels based on the ambient lighting in the room to ensure you don’t suffer from eye strain. Eye fatigue can make working in your space less desirable. If you have noisy neighbours, you can use noise cancelling headphones to help you stay in the zone.

9. Self Storage Can Assist With Your Online or eCommerce Business.

Yes, self storage can help your online business. The new buzzword for E-commerce businesses and start-ups is self-storage units. A commercial storage unit can provide you with many of the features you need to run your small business efficiently. Using business storage will translate into more space when working from home.

You can store everything from files to stock in your self-storage unit to free up space. Self-storage will give you more ‘office’ space at home. It will also enable you to work in a more structured and organised environment.

Choosing to use commercial storage for your business will benefit your house and the way you run your business. Running a business from home can overpower everything, and eventually, you will run out of room. Renting a self-storage unit will help you declutter your workspace and shape your inventory.

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