9 Reasons People Use Self-Storage

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November 25, 2021
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January 6, 2022
Eight Easy Steps Organising Books and Paper
November 25, 2021
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January 6, 2022

There Are Many Reasons People Use Self-Storage Units. What Are Yours?

People use self-storage units for many reasons. The number one reason is that we all have too much stuff and not enough space to store it all. Here are 9 reasons why people use self-storage in South Africa and why it matters to you.

1. DECLUTTERING. Decluttering Is the New Buzzword for Storage Space.

Take an honest and in-depth look at how much stuff you have accumulated over the years. Decluttering is the new buzzword, with many selecting the minimalist way of life. If you find it hard to declutter, self-storage is the perfect solution.

  • Self-storage is gaining popularity. The reason is that storing goods makes it easy to clear out items you no longer use or need.
  • Make it easy to get rid of things you no longer need. Find a new forever home for unwanted clothes, household goods, sports equipment, tools, and toys. Store items you are not sure about getting rid of.
  • Once you no longer need them where you live, the prospect of getting rid of them will be much easier. Use self-storage in Johannesburg to clear out your space to make more room.

2. GETTING ORGANISED. It’s Easy to Get More Organised with a Storage Unit.

Portable storage units make it easier to get organised at home. Clear out those attics, basements, sheds, and closets and store them at secure locations in storage facilities near you.

  • Free up space for your linen, clothes, books, and other more frequently used items. Sort your belongings and send your lesser-used items to safe storage units.
  • Seasonal equipment, Christmas decorations, and other seasonal items need a home. Find storage units near you to store these and other less used items.

3. NEW HOME. Self-Storage Services Keep Extra Stuff Out of Your New Home.

Planning on moving soon? Self-storage is a brilliant way to pack only things you want to move with.

  • Don’t pay extra for items you can store on moving day. Only pack what you want to move with. This saves a lot of time and effort when packing.
  • Store any unnecessary items in your storage unit for an easy move day.

4. LONG-TERM TRAVEL. Storage Facilities Can be Your #1 Solution for Long-Term Travel.

Long-term travel can affect the way we store our worldly belongings. Are you going on a long overseas adventure or travelling to study and work? You can use self-storage units to keep your belongings until you return.

  • You can store an entire apartment in self-storage until you need your items again. Once you pack your unit, we collect the packed unit ready for our high-tech warehouse.
  • When you return, we will bring the unit to you. This is a convenient and easy way to use storage. It is also a great way to get belongings to your new home. You have the option of renting more space if you need it.

5. MOVING OR SELLING. Self-Storage Space Can Help with the Logistics of Moving & Selling Your Home.

Coordinating a move is often fraught with challenges. The date of your move might not blend in perfectly with the day the owners or tenants plan to move in. This might leave you with no place to go., even for a short period.

  • It might be difficult to find a place for all your things when you are between moves. This is the perfect time to take advantage of self-storage.
  • You might have moved, and your previous home could still be on the market. Empty houses are hard to sell. Show off the finest qualities without the clutter by using self-storage.
  • Self-storage facilities are a great option to consider when you are in-between homes.

6. SAVING ON INSURANCE. You Can Save Money on Insurance by Using Self Storage.

Your insurance company charges more for vehicles parked outside your place of residence. Clear out that clutter and park your car in a locked garage.

Insurance companies charge more for cars left unattended or outside. Discourage car thieves by parking your car inside.

7. JOINING HOUSEHOLDS. Do You Have Double of Everything? A Storage Unit Can Help.

Joining two households results in two of everything, from camping gear to couches. Partnering with another home or individual could leave you with too many items of furniture you will never use. Self-storage is a great alternative for people getting married or moving in together.

  • Self-storage is one of the most affordable solutions on offer. Contact your storage company to find out what your options are. Rental agreements are usually flexible.
  • If you have too much stuff, find an affordable storage option. Create extra space by storing duplicate items in a self-storage unit.
  • Couples moving in together might consider finding a bigger home in the future. Stored items will come in handy when the time arrives.

8. STUDYING. Storage Can Help Students Who Are Moving Away from Home.

Students moving away from home into digs or res need somewhere to store their things. This is one of the main reasons students invest in self-storage units. Most student residents supply the very basic items.

Your parents might not have enough room to keep your things. Empty nesters often downsize. The best thing about self-storage is uncovering treasure you forgot about from your childhood bedroom.

9. RETIREMENT. A Storage Unit is Useful for When You Reach Retirement.

Moving from a large home into a much smaller place is difficult. Period. Letting go of a lifetime’s things and memories is tough.

Self-storage units are perfect for storing sentimental items until you decide what to do with all your stuff. Once you have chosen which items will follow you to your new home, you are good to go!

Find Out How Easy Store is Making a Difference to Storage in South Africa

The above 9 reasons show how important self-storage is in different circumstances. What storage challenges are you facing? Easy Store here to help. Tell us what you are looking for by filling in our online form or giving us a call.

We’ll bring a unit to you for packing or we will pack for you. We take your ready-packed unit to our secure warehouse once you are ready. Make the call today so that we can make the difference in your life, too.