8 Reasons Self-Storage is Fast Becoming a Necessity

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March 17, 2021
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8 Reasons Self-Storage is Becoming a Necessity

Is storage a part of your daily life? For more and more South Africans, it is becoming a vital necessity. People use units at storage companies to store their excess items for many reasons. Thanks to COVID-19, consumerism, and a greater consciousness regarding the environment, more and more people are opting to use storage.

8 Reasons Self-Storage is Fast Becoming a Necessity

There are many reasons to use self-storage. In the past, a self-storage unit was a niche product, but today more and more people are making it part of their daily lives, and here’s why:

1. Staging a Show House.

People use self-storage to get rid of excess items, toys, sports equipment, and more when staging a show house. It is the perfect time to declutter. You can easily achieve a decluttered look by hiring short-term storage space.

Ensure your unit access is easy. You should also ensure you choose a warehouse with strict access control. This will guarantee you peace of mind. Keep awkward items out of the way during show days, or valuable goods you don’t want to be damaged. This is a smart tip that could get you that quick sale.


The coordination of moving once you have sold might not quite go as smoothly as you expected. If you need to be out of your home or office by a certain date, and your new place is not quite ready, you might need to find somewhere fast to store your items and furniture. For this situation, self-storage is ideal.

3. Working On-the-Move.

You might find working remotely, travelling, or being employed on a short contract a problem if you have a household full of stuff and no permanent address. Should your job lean towards being transient, you might find portable units the solution to your space dilemmas. Once you are more settled in a job, you could replace your portable unit with a permanent home.

4. Downsizing.

The cost-effectiveness of downsizing will be worth your while. It is not about finding the cheapest rate or price. It is more about how and where to store your personal belongings. You need flexibility and practicality. Your individual lock-up-and-go unit will come in handy when you are at a loss when storing your items.

Once you have settled into your smaller space, bide your time to sort through your papers, books, files, photos and more. Once we remove the angst and we are no longer anxious about where to put our goods, we often find that there is far more time to spare, thus making smarter decisions.

5. Working from Home.

Make more space in your home by decluttering. We are not always in a position to get rid of everything. A safe space will make all the difference in freeing up valuable space. A decluttered office space can encourage focus and greater productivity. It’s not hard to make room in your home for an office if you store unused items at an off-site facility.

6. Family and Sentimentality.

You might have a family member who has left their belongings in your care. This would put you in a difficult position. A storage facility offsite will make all the difference.

Another reason could be pure sentimentality or delicate items. Whatever your individual feelings or reasoning might be, a safe lock-up-and-go option will resolve your space issues.

7. Organising Your Renovation.

Renovating your space could be as traumatic as moving. Invest in several options to transition easier. A standard unit will help keep your costs down and will make the stress far less during this period.

You can store anything from home furniture to office furniture. You won’t need humidity control. The secret would be in how well you pack your unit.

Locking your goods in a safe warehouse is also handy for your business if you are in the middle of having new offices built. The time will not lock you in, and this option is flexible. You can use affordable storage options for extended periods should you wish.

Make personal self-storage your go-to option when looking for a haven for your business and personal goods. Find one near you.

8. Using Storage for Your Business

Keep your business equipment, furniture, documents, and other items safe in an organised fashion. Units are a great way to keep everything safe at a secure storage facility. A standard storage unit is a cost-effective and flexible alternative to renting more office space.

You might run your business online and need somewhere to store your goods. A unit in a warehouse is a great place to store extra products. This will keep your business flowing and never run out of goods with extra space for surplus goods.

Your Storage Space Professionals are Here to Help

We come to you, help you pack, and take your locked unit to our high-tech warehouse and self-storage facility. We take care of all your sensitive personal belongings for your peace of mind. It is indeed a necessity.

The reasons for renting extra space will vary from one person to the next. Consider renting extra room at our facility for a more organised life. We cannot stress the cost-effectiveness of this short-term solution enough.