7 Reasons to Use Cheap and Flexible Self-Storage

free up space using storage units
How to Free Up Space with Storage Units
April 22, 2021
How Self-Storage Can Help When Organising and Decluttering
May 14, 2021
free up space using storage units
How to Free Up Space with Storage Units
April 22, 2021
How Self-Storage Can Help When Organising and Decluttering
May 14, 2021
Reasons to Use Cheap and Flexible Self-Storage

Want more space? Self-storage is a flexible and cost-effective option.

Self-storage units are a cost-effective solution for storing everything and anything, from files to fridges. Not all storage units are the same. Some are more expensive than necessary yet offer less convenience and safety features. Storage units should offer you flexible short- or long-term rental options and affordable prices.

If the self-storage facility requires lengthy contracts, it will not be as convenient or cost effective. Your best bet would be a storage facility that offers month-to-month options, and that adapts to your needs. In what situations would self-storage benefit you?

It’s a great alternative to more expensive or impractical fixes when you’re in a pickle. Take when you’re renovating, for example. Where do you store all your valuables? You could rent another space or leave your things in the backyard. These options are either very expensive or very risky. Self-storage is the obvious and most affordable solution.

7 Reasons to Use Affordable Self-Storage

1. Self Storage Is Great When You Are Renovating and Building.

Breaking down walls, painting, ripping up carpets, and sanding floors creates dust and dirt. The most practical way that you could prevent breakage and damage to your furniture and other items is to rent a self-storage unit. This is an affordable and flexible option.

You won’t be locked into lengthy leases, and there are no debit orders that will tie you down. Once renovations are complete, you can retrieve your belongings. There are no notice periods with these flexible agreements.

2. You May Need to Store Goods When Moving House.

Show days are often fraught with angst. Are you between homes and don’t know where to put all those extra items that give the impression you live in mess and clutter? Self-storage is a brilliant, cost-effective option that will give you breathing room.

Delays with the sale of your home could happen. Or your office space might not be ready to move into. South Africa is facing a time of uncertainly in a complex property market. If you are looking for a Plan B to fall back on, a secure storage unit could be exactly what you need.

3. Life Changes and Relationship Changes May Call for Drastic Action.

Divorce, death, and changes in relationships could call for immediate action. Leaving a shared residence and finding alternative accommodation could prove emotionally challenging for you. In such cases, self-storage is a great option.

When you form new relationships and combine two households, it can be exciting. The question is, what do you do with all the extra stuff? Instead of selling or giving away important, valuable, or sentimental items, you can use personal storage.

4. Becoming Fed Up with Seasonal Items Lying Around.

Your seasonal items need a home when not in use. This applies to both individuals and to businesses. Do you have tents and other camping equipment that you only use during the hot summer months?

Are you fond of skiing every season in the Maluti mountains or Switzerland? Sporting and other seasonal equipment need a home without causing clutter and mess. Even your Winter coats can be safely stored with us. You can now find the right unit size for your next storage unit to free up space in your surroundings during the off-season.

5. Tech Nomads and Travelers Need Storage

What if you could live in different locations? Does the appeal of watching the waves from your window beckon? Everyone can work remotely today. If you are often in transit or work remotely during since lockdown, self-storage is for you.

Many companies have continued to work remotely. If you have found your freedom through working from almost anywhere, you could store your worldly possessions. You can now choose either short- or long-term storage units until you find a more permanent situation.

Self-storage will protect your items with no specific term requirements. Find the ideal storage size with storage experts until your circumstances change. Quality self-storage offers travellers and nomads peace of mind.

6. Struggling with a Cluttered Office.

Don’t lease or rent bigger space for your archived documents and business files. A secure storage solution is an answer. Quality storage offers a flexible space that is also affordable.

Office and warehouse rentals are expensive and renting larger premises might not be within your budget. A storage unit is more affordable when looking for cost-effective business storage solutions.

7. Running Out of Space.

Running short of space is another reason many people need self-storage. There are other reasons you need storage. We tell you why.

We Offer Affordable, Flexible Storage Solutions

Are you are running out of space at home or in the office? We offer you additional storage. Only rent the space you need! Have you ever wondered how wonderful it would be to live or work in an uncluttered environment? We have you covered!

  • You can choose to rent our units for a short- or long-term period.
  • Our prices are competitive. You get extra services to ensure storing your items with us is a pleasant and fuss-free experience.
  • Choose one of our tailored services just for you! These include delivering the unit to your door. If you wish, we will pack your items for you.
  • Once packed, call us and we will collect your locked unit to our state-of-the-art warehouse.
  • You keep the key while we store the goods.

Easy Store offers you self-storage service with units varying in size. Self-storage is a fantastic way of getting rid of all your unnecessary clutter. It is time to lighten the load from items that fill up homes and offices throughout South Africa.

Historically, we associate self-storage as being a vacuum for unwanted and unused items. Customers throughout South Africa are trusting our facility with their most valuable items. All it takes is a phone call to get rid of the clutter. Call us today to assist. We will tailor the unit to suit your needs and bring a unit to your door for easy transportation.