7 Clever Ideas for Making Space In Self-Storage Units

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October 5, 2021
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If you need to make space in your house or at the office, you can use these 9 clever ideas and self-storage units.

Do you have far more stuff than you thought you had? When moving to a new home, decluttering and downsizing highlights just how much you have. If there’s more than you bargained for and not enough room in your new place for everything, you may need quality indoor storage units.

Why is a Good Storage Unit Important?

If you want your goods to sustain minimal damage or wear and tear, it is important to plan out the use of your storage facilities. How you use your storage space is as important as getting the right size unit. A too-small storage unit might damage your stored goods. But a too-big storage unit is a waste of money and of space.

7 Ideas for Making Space in Your Self-Storage Unit

Ensuring you have the perfect size self storage unit is key. Everything in self-storage needs to be accessible. It also needs to be safe and dry. Making use of every cm of your storage is important. Create extra space in your unit by applying these 7 smart ideas.

1. Get Rid of Unnecessary Items.

What do you need to take with you, and what are you planning to store? If the item is no longer needed, then either give it away or sell it. If you don’t need to keep something, then self-storage is not the place to put it, since it will just take up additional space.

Go through everything you have and rid yourself of items that mean nothing to you. If you no longer use it, need it, or like it, it needs a new home. If you battle to let go of stuff, this could be the perfect excuse. You won’t have to pay for more space or struggle with a lack of space in your storage unit.

2. Make a Plan to Get Organised.

Having a plan will give your move clarity. List what you need to put into storage. The list should also show what you are going to take with you to your new home.

Drawing an actual “plan” of your storage unit could be useful. Make copies of the plan and hand it to anyone involved in your move. Place a copy of the plan inside the unit. Label everything inside the unit to correlate with the plan could prove useful at a later stage.

3. Store Vertically.

Thinking out of the box when storing items in your unit will help you use every cm. A good example is a long couch that you are storing in your unit. Place it upwards, vertically, and not horizontal on the floor to take up less room.

Ensure you wrap all vertical items properly. This will stop items from toppling over and will protect them from damage. In no time, you’ll clear up more storage space with this handy trick.

4. Disassemble Furniture Items.

Wherever possible, remove the legs from tables and chairs. If your headboard or bookshelves are easy to disassemble, these will take up far less space. Tape the screws, nuts, and bolts onto the item to avoid losing them.

Furniture with drawers are great places to store smaller items. Another handy tip is to buy inexpensive shelves to put into your storage unit. You might feel you are taking up unnecessary space with shelves. This is often not the case.

Sturdy shelving systems are great for storing your boxes and can help you use the space in a more practical way. Remember to store like with like. Group similar items and stack similar sizes together. This will help you use the space efficiently and help you find things later on.

5. Make a Passage in the Unit.

Create a small passage for easy accessibility. This will make it easy to reach your items. Although the passage needs to be spacious, it will enable you to reach everything with ease.

Start by placing all the goods along the sides of the unit and work from the outside in. Storage experts recommend packing this way to improve your storage experience.

6. Place Items Inside Other Items.

A little like the traditional matryoshka dolls that nest inside one another, you can place items inside others. Some good examples are placing towels and soft items inside washing machines and dryers. Other examples are placing items inside freezer drawers and microwaves.

Ensure all your appliances are dry before putting them in storage. Freezers, washing machines, fridges and other appliances should be dry. Defrost and clean out fridges and freezers properly before placing in storage facilities.

7. Place Items Strategically.

Place items you need to access often at the front of your storage unit. These need to be reached with ease. A portable storage container is a great option for seasonal items.

Place items that need easy access in easily accessible containers. Invest in clear, sturdy plastic boxes. They are easy to get to and you can see the items inside.

One of the greatest storage ideas is to place a toolbox inside the unit for emergencies. Place the toolbox in an easily accessible spot. You never know when you might need a pair of scissors, screwdrivers, craft knife, or anything else that might come in handy.