7 Advantages of Using Self-Storage Units

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February 12, 2022
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March 16, 2022

Are you contemplating getting a storage unit? Or maybe the travel bug has bitten. Discover the 7 advantages of using self-storage units at Easy Store!

The advantages of using self-storage units when travelling are many. You could be between offices, cities, or countries. When in-between spaces, we can help solve your storage challenges. You can choose the size unit that suits you and store anything from outdoor furniture to unused office equipment with us.

1. Security Features at the Self-Storage Facility Can Give You Peace of Mind.

No-one likes to get a call thousands of kilometres away to say their things don’t have a home. Self-storage is secure and clean. Plus, it gives one perfect peace of mind knowing your items are safe.

It’s not always a brilliant plan to store things with family and friends, especially in the long-term. Their plans could change, and your assets might become homeless. Not everyone has additional space.

Ask yourself if your long-term storage plan is realistic. If not, using a storage company has a distinct advantage. It gives you a perfect space where you can keep your belongings safe.

Our business storage spaces are ideal for keeping office supplies safe. With varied security measures, you can rest at ease knowing your possessions are secure, dry, and undamaged.

2. A Self-Storage Facility Can Make Your Travels Easier

Has the travel bug bitten you hard? Are you planning to travel overseas as a volunteer or to study or start an internship? You have a job offer or are about to teach school.

Whatever your travel plans, great storage can make your sojourn so much better. Storage units are not only for seasonal items. When you are going to be away for a while, the extra storage space will come in handy.

It makes little sense paying rent for an apartment. Should you stay for a lengthy period, renting a property is expensive, especially when it is only used to store furniture and other items.

Friends and family are often unwilling to store everything you have. That’s why self-storage is the perfect cost-effective solution.

3. Storage Allows You Flexibility.

Self-storage space will keep your items safe. This is especially useful for those that have never had a storage experience before for larger items, bulky items, and extra items.

Whether you are storing valuable items or sentimental items, we have a space for you. If you decide to pack up everything and travel again, temporary storage is there to help! The advantage of personal storage is the flexibility it gives you.

You can choose short-term storage or a long-term fix. We don’t lock you into lengthy contracts and we offer a wide range of storage sizes. This allows you to stop storing whenever it is convenient for you and to only pay for the space you need.

4. Container Storage Can Save You Money.

How can I save by renting a self-storage unit? Residential renting costs far more than renting a storage unit. Choose a storage facility with a high level of security.

  • Easy Store charges a monthly rent. You rent your unit on a month-to-month basis. There are no lengthy contracts, deposits, or notice periods.
  • You won’t pay extra rent for anything. There are no hidden costs. That is why travellers like to rent an affordable storage unit.
  • Downsizing your unit, or renting more space is easy. Get ample storage with one, two, or even three storage units. Choose from a variety of sizes.
  • There are also no debit orders. We do not restrict you to any periods of time. Enjoy 100% flexibility.

5. It Helps with Spring Cleaning and Decluttering.

Embark on a spring cleaning exercise. Do this before renting a self-storage space. Do you need all those winter clothes or excess furniture? You will soon discover you have extra space. Get rid of unused items. Only store things you want in a self-storage unit.

The best tip for self-storage is to embark on a deep cleaning exercise. The benefit of storage should be about affordable storage space. Storing unwanted items will cost you unnecessarily.

Find alternative storage to items you are reluctant to throw out. But hanging onto things you no longer want, need, or use makes little sense. If you no longer need an item or hang onto outdated clothing items, it is time to donate. Or to pay it forward.

6. With Us, You Can Make the Most of Your Storage Space.

Getting sturdy boxes and the right equipment will give you greater amounts of storage space. You get the biggest benefits of storage units when you pack well. Easy Store offers a packing service. We can pack your storage unit for you.

When you choose storage with varying sizes, it means you’ll only pay for what you need. Our storage units come in a few different sizes and are under lock and key for your peace of mind.

Choose uniform see-through plastic containers. They are hard-wearing and easy to stack. The clip-on lids are also perfect for keeping moisture out.

7. Our Mobile Self Storage Units Are Convenient.

Easy Store offers a convenient option for self-storage. You book a unit or units. You only pay for what you use. We pack or you pack. We then take the ready-packed unit to our secure warehouse. You keep the key!

  • You only pay for what you use.
  • We come to you and not the other way around.
  • Either you pack your unit, or we offer a professional, supervised service to pack your unit for you.
  • You get to keep secure locks.
  • One of the biggest advantages of mobile storage with us is that you don’t need to source your own transportation.
  • Once packed, we take your unit to our secure facility. This cost-effective alternative offers peace of mind.

Enjoy the Advantages of Easy Store Storage Today

You don’t have to sell your earthly possessions when exploring the Seven Wonders of The World! The advantages of self-storage are many. Use our cost-effective mobile storage units for an effective storage solution.