6 Reasons Why Storage is Trending Right Now

Storage units
Changes in the Self-Storage Industry Since COVID-19 Hit
February 6, 2021
Self-Storage When You Are Moving Offices or Home
March 12, 2021
Storage units
Changes in the Self-Storage Industry Since COVID-19 Hit
February 6, 2021
Self-Storage When You Are Moving Offices or Home
March 12, 2021
Storage units

The private business sector continues to be the major source of self-storage income. Self-storage companies recognise the need for storage. Self-storage has become a cost-effective option for many businesses.  

More business owners are using self-storage as an alternative. They use this to expanding or renting more space. Owners of self-storage understand the need to make the private business a priority while keeping in mind the needs of individuals needing storage space.  

Why is Self-Storage Trending Right Now? 


Baby boomers are reaching the ages of 60 to 64 years. There has been a marked increase in the need for storage by this group of individuals. This results from people selling their homes. It is also a result of people moving into smaller and more secure communities.  

Downsizing is one of the major reasons to rent storage units. They say the baby boomer generation’s storage needs will increase for the next fifteen years. Investing in storage units is showing a distinct increase in returns 

2. Security.  

Store items of value in a secure, safe place. We keep our storage units in a secure warehouse with state-of-the-art security. You keep the key. Enjoy peace of mind. We protect your goods by using surveillance cameras. We store your goods in a dry, secure environment. There is also an armed response company at the ready to assist with any breach of safety issues. 

We bring the unit, will pack your unit (or you can do this should you prefer). Once packed, we take the unit back to our warehouse, and you get to keep the key.  

3. Technology.  

Use remote technology to check your unit. Everyone is doing it. They are monitoring their homes and watching babysitters away from home. If safety is key to you using a storage unit, this one is for you.  

You can do remote monitoring from anywhere. You can see what’s happening inside your unit anytime from anywhere. All you need to do is to log in to see that everything is as it should be.  

Are you worried about the two major threats to your storage facility? These are theft and excessive temperatures. You can now control everything from the comfort of your couch.  

4. Extra Services. 

We offer to bring the unit to you. Let us pack your goods for you. These are all extra services that make storage units attractive to our clients.  

We will bring the unit to you, pack for you, then return the packed storage unit to our high-tech warehouse. We are professionals who will take the edge off your stress. Packing home or an office is a stressful time for anyone.  

Our extra services are here to make the process easier. Finding the right transport company can prove expensive and time-consuming. Make use of our valet self-storage offering. We make storing your valuable items easy.  

5. Flexibility. 

Flexible storage is essential during uncertain times. We see the need for shorter rentals. This is as the economic landscape continues to shift. We offer rentals for short- and long-term units, which is important.  

COVID-19 has made us think in a different way. We are uncertain about what will happen from one day to the next. Businesses are closing shop and downsizing; individuals are moving or downsizing. There are many bargains in the housing market.  

Amongst all this, there is room for movement and change. We often find ourselves with excess items and extra furniture that we are not quite ready to sell.  

6. Ease of Use.  

For those looking for easy storage solutions, there are many options. We won’t lock you into lengthy contracts. You can choose a month-on-month option for flexible options. We don’t insist on debit orders, and you can downsize or get a larger unit anytime you want.  

What Makes Easy Store Different?  

  1. We bring a unit to you. There is no need to find a removal company to assist.  
  1. Our team of professionals will pack all your items for you should you prefer.  
  1. Once we pack your unit, we will take it to our safe, clean warehouse for safekeeping.  
  1. You keep the key. No-one else has the key to your unit.  
  1. We do not lock you into onerous contracts.  
  1. There are no debit orders.  
  1. We offer you a choice of unit sizes.  
  1. Flexibility enables you to downsize, or upscale.  
  1. You can cancel your unit at brief notice.  

For a free quote, contact us today to find out how you can enjoy our flexible storage options. COVID-19 has opened a whole alternative way of thinking. Storage is trending right now. We are offering solutions to storage problems many of us are facing.