5 Reasons Self-Storage Just Makes Sense

Advantages of Renting Self-Storage Units Near You
What Are the Advantages of Renting Self-Storage Units Near You?
November 11, 2022
Self storage 2022
How to Find a Cheap Self-Storage Near Me 
December 18, 2022
Advantages of Renting Self-Storage Units Near You
What Are the Advantages of Renting Self-Storage Units Near You?
November 11, 2022
Self storage 2022
How to Find a Cheap Self-Storage Near Me 
December 18, 2022
5 Reasons local storage just makes sense

We use self-storage for many difference reasons. It makes perfectly good sense to take advantage of a self-storage option. Use self-storage whenever you need extra space!

Why Does Self-Storage Makes Perfectly Good Sense?

Save yourself the time, hassle, and money when moving home or office. Self-storage offers the perfect solution for business storage. It is also the ideal solution for personal storage.

When you find yourself in a new job, buy a new home, or simply downsize, self-storage can benefit you. Self-storage is the answer to free up storage space and can help you if you are renting temporary accommodation.

Benefits of Self-Storage

  • Using self-storage when moving home or office will help you move in stages.
  • You will save money if you don’t have too much to move on the actual moving day. If you experience any hiccups on your move day, you will enjoy peace of mind.
  • Take the edge off moving day by placing items into storage beforehand.
  • Decluttering helps you see realise you can live without certain items. You might realise you only need the basics to live or work comfortably.
  • You will make smart decisions once you move into your additional space.

5 Reasons to Use Self-Storage

1. Self-Storage is Brilliant for Decluttering Before Your Move

This is the best time to think about decluttering your space. Before placing your house on the market, get your home show day ready. Put anything you don’t need into self-storage to show off your property without the mess.

2. You Can Get Self-Storage Units for those In-Between Periods

You might find yourself in-between houses or office spaces. We often find ourselves in this predicament. Don’t be at a loss if you are waiting for tenants to move in or out.

Perhaps you are renovating or waiting for bond approval. Renting a temporary office or home might not give you sufficient storage space for all your items, especially if you hire a partly furnished place.

Unpacking all your boxes then packing them again is counterproductive. Why not make use of self-storage until you move in? Get peace of mind and find an interim home for all those sentimental or priceless items.

3. It’s a Great Move Day Solution

Timing always matters when moving. Don’t expect everything to run smoothly when buying or selling a property. When something unexpected pops up, it is best to be prepared.

Your Plan B could easily be a self-storage unit. Find storage companies that do not tie you into lengthy leases. You can store almost anything is self-storage units.

We allow month-to-month renting and we come to you, help you pack, then take the packed container for safekeeping. Our high-tech warehouse has tight security, offering our clients peace of mind.

4. You Can Store Furniture Until Upgrades are Complete

Complete upgrades or renovations before cancelling your storage unit. Fitting new carpets and renovating is a lot easier without furniture and clutter. Keep the basic essentials and store the balance in a self-storage unit. This makes sense.

You won’t have to move your furniture around to avoid damage. Self-storage is a great option for renovating an office or home space. Give your worldly good the protection they deserve.

5. You Won’t Need to Rent When New to an Area

You are new to a town, neighbourhood, or country. You are getting to know your surroundings, so have rented a place. Renting first and settling afterwards makes sense.

Storing your furniture and bulk of your items in a self-storage unit is a smart move. First rent and then make the final decision once you familiarise yourself with your surroundings.

Easy Store permits you to rent your unit for as long, or for as short a term as you wish. Our storage facility is ideal for a wide range of needs, whether you want extra storage space or storage solutions while you find your footing. You can put your belongings in storage with us, having peace of mind your goods are safe and dry.

In Conclusion

Our self-storage facilities are designed to make storage easier and more convenient for you. We bring self-storage units to your door, or as close as possible to your door.

We also offer a packing service to make the entire process easy. That means we can provide bubble wrap and packing tape as well as staff to pack your things for you. Contact us today to find out why our self storage customers choose us time and again.

We Offer Solutions for All Your Storage Dilemmas

We can face life-changing events when we least expect them to occur. Whether you are downsizing with kids moving out or adding to your growing family, we have space for all your extra stuff.

Find out more by contacting us today. Whether you are renting self-storage long-term or short-term, we have you covered.