10 Things to Do When Decluttering

August 1, 2019
Smart Tips for Successful Household Storage
September 12, 2019

There is no time quite like “now” to start decluttering. It is advisable not to buy anything at all until you have taken stock of what you have. Store excess items you don’t need but want to keep freeing up space in self-storage units on a short-term or long-term basis. 

Here are ten smart things to do when decluttering: 

  • Allocate a specific time to clean up – rope the family in if you need to. Weekends are great for decluttering 
  • If you don’t wear it, use it or eat it – you don’t need it especially if you have had no use for it in the past 12 months 
  • Don’t shift things around the house or the office. Instead, get rid of it either by donating it; if it is useless, then it is time to chuck it  
  • If you have someone else’s stuff in your home, it is time to return those books, get rid of pictures and mementoes that belong to relationships that have ended, and if your kids have grown up it is time for them to take their stuff with them (this is perhaps the most difficult one of all) 
  • Throw out anything that you don’t need; clutter takes away peace, space and freedom 

Books Books Books

  • Throw out books you have already read and won’t read ever again and clothes that you will never fit into again and anything else that has become redundant in your space 
  • It is time to go paperless as far as possible and change all your bills to e-statements. This is the best way to save the earth around you, cut back on the wastage of paper and cut out a large amount of clutter. File absolutely everything in a box file and throw away unnecessary paper such as cards, invoices and other unnecessary paper  

Give away what you do not need

  • Things that serve absolutely no purpose must go – make the trash can your new BFF 
  • See how quickly you can fill a trash bag once you start your decluttering exercise 
  • Give away at least ONE item every day for a month and watch your clutter diminish 

Free up your world and declutter your space. Make use of storage facilities by storing excess items in self-storage units.